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Using Mask and Gloves in CoronaVirus

Mask Gloves FaceShield Coronavirus

If you are going outside then it’s better to wear a mask and gloves all the time. If possible wear a face shield.

Widespread infection of COVID-19 also known as Corona Virus emptied the shelf for Mask and Gloves. In most countries, Governments are insisting people not use the mask as it is creating pressure for medical supplies. They are also suggesting if you are healthy you do not need to wear a mask. The doctor should use the mask to treat patients. If you are sick, if you have a cough then you can wear a mask.

According to WHO

If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection

Why you should wear a mask all the time to avoid the infection of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

You never know who is infected and who is not. The person who is scanning your shopping item in the supermarket or grocery shop might be infecting you with Coronavirus.

Say from now on, every individual who is going outside will wear a mask and glove. What will happen? If a person is infected with Coronaviruses ( yet not diagnosed), he/she will not be able to spread the virus to other people. On the other hand, using a mask and gloves reduces the chance of infection to healthy people.

Why Governments are insisting people not wear the mask

The sudden huge demand for surgical creates immense pressure on medical supplies. As there is no known treated medicine or cure for Coronavirus, doctor’s are our only hope to get proper care for Coronavirus infected people. As doctors are treating patients, they must have to wear a mask all the time. If normal people start using masks it will create a shortage for doctors.

Most of the developed countries do not produce masks. Normally they import these low-cost items from China. Importing a product takes a couple of months. On the other hand, the Government is closing borders, canceling flights and sea vessels, these cause problems to import goods from other countries.

As they are not producing masks on their own they have the only option, discouraging normal people to use masks.

Countries are more successful containing Coronavirus

If we see the countries which are successful in containing Coronavirus infection like China, Hongkong, Singapore, Korea, in all cases people are spontaneously wearing masks and gloves when they are going outside. In those countries, Governments are not discouraging people to wear masks as they are producers.


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