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The only plan to win against Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Fighting Strategy COVID-19

We do not have any proven treatment or vaccine to fight against Corona Virus. The situation became worsen day by day. The death toll is rising every day. Most developed countries along with their super-rich research facilities are failing to fight with the novel Corona Virus also known as COVID-19.

So, what will be our strategy to fight against Corona Virus? We have to treat it as war, real war.

Make your plan considering that we will not find a vaccine.
Stop dreaming about the vaccine for now. No matter how desperate you are to get a vaccine, it takes time to get a new vaccine. The fastest we might get it by two years. Until the proven vaccine hits the market, consider that we will not be able to find a vaccine and have to make a plan according to that.

We have to contain the virus

At any cost, we have to contain the virus. The country must have to go for total lockdown for two months and by this time we have to contain the virus. Again total lockdown is our only solution. Having partial lockdown for 20 days or so will not help. A partial lockdown may flatten the infection curve for few days but whenever you remove the lockdown virus will rise again and it will lead us to the old scenario again.

The lockdown plan

Fighters who will live their house for two months

We need fighters to win the war and our fighters are doctors, supply chain professionals, and volunteers. All these people must have to leave their home and will live in the Government provided accommodation for 2 months.

If you have children then either father or mother has to stay home with their children. Both parents can not go ouside to do work, as there will be no childcare and daycare running.

Our Government has to set up factories to produce their protection materials.

The government has to arrange protective measures for all people. Like masks, gloves, face shields, sanitizers, etc. Most of the countries vastly depend on china for this item. It’s better to establish production facilities in every country. If we can not find a vaccine sooner than we need these items for every citizen of the country and we need a massive amount.

These are cheap, very cheap products and the Government can easily go for a quick setup for their production lines.

Some Asian countries like HongKong, Vietnam, South Korea were able to reduce the number of COVID-19 infections. Unlike other developed countries they are self-sufficient to produce their masks and the Government did not discourage them from wearing masks.

If one can ensure the proper use of masks, goggles, and gloves then he/she is very unlikely to get any kind of contagious disease.

Supply Chain management

Big super shops, local grocery stores, medicine shops along with delivery service providers will come along to make home-delivery for the lockdown period. There will be people in supply chain management. They always have to wear masks, goggles, and gloves at the time of work.

There will be several volunteers in each area who will help residents by delivering their daily essential needs along with courier or delivery service providers.

The traveler from Another Country

After 2 months the country will be able to open their border but every newcomer/passengers have to be self-isolated for 14 days under Government managed hotels or isolation centers. Newly arrived people have to bear their isolation expenses, the Government might share a certain percentage of expenses. Special doctors and healthcare professionals will monitor those newly arrived people. These doctors and healthcare professionals have to live in those isolation centers for 24×7. They will not be able to meet their family for 4 weeks. They will provide 2 weeks service followed by 2 weeks of isolation and a new set of doctors and health care professionals will take charge of the isolation center. Government will provide special incentives for the health care professionals in the isolation center.

The outcome

Within these 2 months, all the possible Coronavirus infections will pop out. Those will be isolated and if needed will be treated in the hospital. At the end of this cycle, a country will be free from COVID-19 infection and will start opening its day to day business.

What is wrong with the current Government strategy?
There is some anger that the Chinese authority made delays to inform Coronavirus infections. If they could inform earlier then we could fight better. But Governments already proved us wrong about that concept, as all the developed countries have not acted properly even after the infection of Coronavirus in their country. They waited until the situation got out of control. They tried to act to maintain a normal lifestyle even they knew they do not have the cure at their hand. They tried to save their economy and failed miserably. Stockmarket along with all the economic indicators already falls to the record low and recession is inevitable.

Instead of government along with a supermarket, eCommerce service, and courier ser
Most of the countries depend on china for having their supplies for mask and gloves


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